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Create trending content

SlingStudio for Influencers

Reach new heights with DIY professional grade production

Simplify your productions and create killer content with multi-camera live streaming without all the cords and stress. Whether you are in the studio or on the go, the portable SlingStudio can be wherever you need it to be. Livestream and record with multiple cameras and switch feeds at the touch of your finger tips to give your content that creative edge.

Get started for as low as $999

Film multiple camera angles when streaming content with SlingStudio

"Using it for the first time, it only took me a little more than an hour by myself to set up, which was a massive improvement in planning, scheduling and production time plus overall cost of the actual shoot. It was so easy to set up and very mobile."

– Jason Glover, Dads That Cook

Wirelessly live stream and record
with multiple cameras for online makeup artists

Content is Queen

If you’re considering multi-camera livestreaming, SlingStudio is the most economical solution available today, offering incredible value and professional capabilities.

Starting at $999, SlingStudio easily complements and integrates with existing equipment, or helps you get started in an affordable manner. You can now own a professional quality in-house production studio that will meet your budget needs.

SlingStudio is totally portable and easy to set up in all sorts of locations

SlingStudio goes wherever you go

Save hours of setup and teardown time by freeing yourself from cables – the days of rolling out yards and yards of cables are over. Open up the possibilities for new angles and more creative projects with drones, crowdsourcing and more.

Switch between multiple cameras with SlingStudio video switcher

Grow your followers

Reach and engage with your audience by livestreaming directly to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo and other custom RTMP servers.

SlingStudio's integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X automatically organizes and time-aligns all files from your livestream production in your project timeline. Just drop the files in and complete your post-production setup in minutes instead of days

Diagram on how to live stream events using SlingStudio video switcher

"With the TriCaster Mini, it takes 20 minutes to set up a three-to-four camera studio shoot; SlingStudio looks like it can take about 5 minutes. This is pretty amazing."

– Brian Scott, Director/Editor, River Place Productions

Use Cases

The SlingStudio Platform

With SlingStudio's video-grade wireless technology, you can connect a combination of up to 10 smartphones, professional cameras, and camcorders. SlingStudio’s robust wireless technology operates with minimal interference at distances up to 300 feet – without cables – greatly reducing your setup time.

How to multi-cam live stream + record
 in 4K + HD wirelessly to custom RTMP 
servers using the SlingStudio video 

SlingStudio provides live video from the HDMI connected camera for any HDMI display (without latency).

Key Features

  • multi-cam

    Wirelessly connect a combination of up to 10 professional cameras, smartphones, camcorders and even drones to get the perfect angles in HD.

  • livestream

    Go live with your apple or android smartphones, professional video recording devices. Stream and switch live to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Periscope, and other RTMP destinations.

  • pro quality

    Save hours of setup and teardown time by freeing yourself from cables – the days of rolling out yards and yards of cable are over.

  • portable

    SlingStudio is a production truck in a backpack. At just under 3 pounds, SlingStudio is battery-operated, requires no cables, and can be used almost anywhere.

  • post production
    Recording and 4K post-production

    With 4K post-production, get up to 7 recordings including individual feeds, program, quad view and line-in audio. Includes Premiere Pro Extension, and Final Cut Pro Plugin.

  • live broadcasting
    Console app

    The free SlingStudio Console app turns your iPad or Mac into your portable production studio, allowing you to act as director and producer simultaneously.

Get started for as low as $999

SlingStudio’s console app display on Mac and iPad with the SlingStudio Hub

Get started for as low as $999

The industry's first portable, wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform with 4K post-production support. Monitor, record, switch, edit and stream live HD-quality video wirelessly to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, Livestream, and other RTMP destinations using smartphones, professional cameras, or other video recording devices. It's portable, affordable and easy to use.