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How do I apply a lower-third to a project?

Want to add that finishing touch of a lower-third to your SlingStudio project? Here's how.

The SlingStudio Console app offers a lower-third feature that you can use to identify something onscreen, or to show the current score for a sports program. For the identification lower-third, you can choose color, text justification, or transparency. For the sports score lower-third, there are options for color and transparency.

To apply a lower-third to a project:

1. Get your project ready to go, with all sources online:

a. Launch the Console app on your iPad.

b. Tap a video source so that it appears in Preview.

c. Tap the Toolbar. If it is not visible, tap SlingStudio Console 3-dots icon in the upper-right corner of the Preview window and select SHOW TOOLBAR.
You see the Toolbar (note that this figure labels each function in red—you don't see this in the app):

SlingStudio Console Toolbar with annotation in red type

2. Tap the lower-thirds control:



Lower-thirds control

Create lower-thirds that display:
-- Identification of something onscreen
-- Sports scores
-- Choose text options for either type

3. Choose a lower-third to identify something onscreen (a T figure) or a sports score (a 2-0 figure).

4. For the identification lower-third, choose the banding color, text alignment, and text transparency that you'd like. Then tap the text to edit it.

5. For the sports score lower-third, choose the banding color and text transparency that you'd like. Tap the text to edit it.

6. Modify the lower-third text as you like, and then tap SAVE.

7. When you tap Preview -> Program, the lower-third displays in your program.