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Using content from a computer or video file with your SlingStudio project

You can use content from a computer or camcorder either for recording project, or for a live broadcast, in either of two ways … here's how.

If you want to take content that's on a computer or a file on a recording device and use it with your SlingStudio project, you can use that computer or recording device as an available video source in either of two ways:

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect a device with an HDMI-Out port, such as a camera or computer, to the HDMI-In port on your SlingStudio unit, and then play it from there (the device must have an HDMI-Out port);
  • Import an MP4 or MOV video clip from your SD card or USB drive into your project.

Either way, your prerecorded content appears as a video source in SlingStudio Console.

Such content could be things like a PowerPoint presentation, a slide show, screencasting, etc.

Using content from a device with an HDMI-Out port:

  1. Prepare your SlingStudio unit for the recorded project or live broadcast: Set up a project, make sure the live broadcast is configured, and so on.
  2. Get the file, prerecorded video, etc., ready to go on your computer or other source.
    Again: That source must have either an HDMI-Out port, or some arrangement that provides HDMI output.
  3. Connect the source (with the prerecorded video) to your SlingStudio via HDMI cable using the SlingStudio HDMI-In port. If you have a SlingStudio CameraLink, you can also use that to connect the source to your SlingStudio. Use an HDMI cable to connect the playback device to the CameraLink.
  4. Once connected to the SlingStudio unit, the prerecorded content appears in the SlingStudio Console app as a video source.
  5. Select the HDMI device to place it in the Preview window, and then work with it as you would any other video source.
  6. Promote the HDMI device to Program, and broadcast it as you would any other video source. You'll need to manually start the HDMI source playing.

Using prerecorded content in a video clip:

Follow the instructions in the article that is appropriate for the version of SlingStudio Console that you're using:

Important note about streaming prerecorded video to Facebook:

Facebook policy states: Ensure any pre-recorded content is clearly distinguishable from live content.
For more information: